Q1How to add a child and pair between devices?

A1 After finishing the installation stage and open the app, follow below stages:
  • Press on Users, you will see the YLimitUsers screen.
  • You can add a child on the screen by pressing on the orange Plus.
  • Insert your child's details, Name, Year of birth, Phone Number (If the child doesn't have a SIM you can enter E-mail), If you have other/more children you can add them one after the other.
  • Then press the Pair button (you have one per child).
  • When pressing SMS or an E-mail a link will be sent to your child's phone to download the Remote App from Google Play (Green Shield Icon with a child face).
  • If you don't get any SMS then you can download the app directly from Google Play.
  • On your device you will see a screen with 3 steps explanation --> read and follow.
  • When pressing Got It, on your device, you will see a QR code screen.
  • After installing the Remote app (YLimit - Remote Parenting App) and finish all permissions stage, open the App.
  • When it's opened, you will see a QR scanner screen, scan the QR code on your device. If the scanner doesn't work you can enter the code manually.
  • Now, both devices are paired and you can start enjoying YLimit.

Q2 How do the statistics help us?

A2 YLimit displays the seven apps on which the child spends the most time. The monitoring data in the statistics screens let us analyze the child's usage patterns and consumption habits – and, using this information, to intelligently block the relevant apps for limited times. This tool enables parent to change the child's screen habits and steer them towards better, educationally-informed usage. Furthermore, the data collected provides an overview of the child's preferences, allowing parents to find diverse and creative solutions to the child's needs.

Q3 Can the distress feature be used outside of life-threatening situations?

A3 The distress feature is also used for situations in which the child doesn't face a life-threatening or serious emergency. For example, when the child is lost, injured for some reason (falling off a bicycle, accident, etc.,) or unable to state or describe his location. Activating the distress feature enables the parent to receive information on the child's precise whereabouts and listen to background sounds, all via a clear and unique graphic display.

Q4 What's special about YLimit's app blocking feature?

A4 YLimit developed an interactive parent-child mechanism. The idea is that whenever the child downloads an app, that app is automatically blocked, while the parent receives an automatic notification about the download. Through the notification, the parent can enter the YLimit info screen, read about the app, and decide whether to keep it blocked or allow the child to use it. This interactive mechanism is different from other apps, which only enable the parent to sort through the child's mobile apps and select apps to block.

Q5 How does Geo-fencing help parents?

A5 As parents, most of us know only the "headlines" of our children's daily whereabouts. But does our thinking correlate with reality? For example, is our kid at school throughout the school day, or at a friend's, or at any other place, as s/he claims to be? Research shows that we don't really know. YLimit does enable you to check on your child's location at any time, but this means a lot of work and a waste of time. For this reason, we have developed Geo-fencing, a mechanism that allows you to clearly define boundaries within which the child is permitted to be, and notifies you when s/he leaves this defined area. Using YLimit's advanced, market-leading graphic interface, the parent easily selects an address and a permitted radius from that location. They can define as many supervised areas as they please, but activate only one at any given moment, as needed.

Q6 Why do I need to enter an additional emergency contact?

A6 In case the child has activated the distress feature but the parents are unavailable on their phones for some reason (flat battery, no signal, etc.,) the YLimit server will notify the additional contact that the child has activated the distress signal and the parents are unavailable. This mechanism is based on the assumption that the parents would be reachable otherwise, e.g., through their home or work phone, etc. For an additional contact, it is important to choose someone close to us, who knows how to reach us outside of our cellphones.

Q7 How is the Block feature useful?

A7 The block feature saves a lot of strain and argument with the child. Instead of begging them to put down their phones, simply hit Block.

Q8 How is the 10+ feature useful?

A8 YLimit has a clear goal of respecting the child's privacy, and acting not aggressively but from a place of understanding and inclusion, education and boundary-setting. Thus, even though the parent has defined clear usage times, we looked for a solution to "sweeten the pill", a carrot-and-stick approach. The 10+ feature is the perfect solution, allowing the child a few extra screen minutes which aren't critical to us parents, but which will show the child that we understand him, are attentive to his needs, and are willing to meet him halfway.

Q9 How is the child supposed to activate the distress feature?

A9 The distress feature's activation was designed with the understanding that a child in an emergency would have difficulty operating the mobile device and calling his parents, especially when the device is password-protected. YLimit developed a mechanism that activates only when the child presses the power button once and shakes the device within three seconds. In a distress situation, the child's device is locked, background sounds and the child's location and route are recorded in real-time, and all of these are sent to the parent's device. This data is stored on the YLimit servers for a short period in case of need.

Q10 What is the Pause button for?

A10 The Pause mechanism allows the parent to temporarily suspend the child's usage time limitations (thus allowing free usage,) while still saving the usage settings.

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